Are Dealership Parts Really All That Much Better?

Here at our dealership we field questions from time to time about the pricing of replacement and maintenance parts. It is a fact that you can buy parts from auto discount and cut-rate stores for less money. The problem is that the cut-rate parts are not always the same quality as dealer-authorized factory parts.

In many cases, unauthorized parts are not made with the same quality control, and they may not last as long as factory parts. There may be things like plastic substituted for metal, wiring deficiencies, discrepancies in parts fitting properly, and a host of other problems.

We pride ourselves on making sure that the parts we put into your Mazda vehicle are the same as the original parts that were intact when you purchased your vehicle. We know that to verify your warranty, it is best to replace older and malfunctioning parts with the same part that was original with the vehicle. Contact us today to learn more and to order parts.

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