The Reason Overinflated Car Tires are Dangerous to Your Ride

If there is too much air in the tires on your vehicle, you run the risk of doing more than damaging the tread of the tires.

Here is what could happen if you are driving on overinflated car tires.

The car tire that has too much air is going to be riding just on the middle of the tread. The tire has less tread on the road, so that reduces your ability to control the car at high speeds. Add into the mix slick roads, and you will have a difficult time keeping your vehicle on the road.

The overinflated tire wears faster down the center, so you'll be replacing tires much sooner than the tire manufacturer recommends. This can be a very costly expenditure getting all new tires.

Our team here at Piazza Mazda of Reading can inspect the tires and pressure indicators while scheduling your vehicle for the next tire rotation appointment.

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