Prevent Repairs with a Full Gas Tank

Keeping a full gas tank can avoid a lot of trouble. If you keep your gas tank full as much as possible, especially in the winter months, you will avoid having your gas lines freeze up. You will also prolong the life of your fuel pump.

The more air that you have in your gas tank, the more condensation you will have as well. Condensation has the potential to freeze, and if it makes its way into your fuel lines, they can freeze. If your fuel lines freeze, your car will not start.

Be sure also to take the time to get your vehicle properly winterized by bringing your vehicle to us here at Piazza Mazda of Reading. We'll make sure that all of your fluids are topped up and that your tires are in good condition. We will also check the health of your batters and that your fluids are winter grade. Stop in and claim the service you need at 3728 Pottsville Pike!

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