New Mazda3 Sedan Comes Full of Safety Features

When the team at Piazza Mazda of Reading saw the new Mazda3 sedan delivered to the lot, we couldn't wait to share with our readers. This year, safety features top the list of reasons to consider getting your own popular compact car.

When the Mazda3 sedan reaches a certain speed, this is when the Lane-Keeping System starts monitoring the position of the vehicle in the lane lines. If drifting out of the lane occurs, then the system will begin vibrating the steering wheel to give the driver an alert to take action fast before the vehicle gets into an accident.

The Cross-Traffic Alert system will help the driver of the new Mazda3 sedan to navigate in reverse more easily. Once the vehicle is shifted into reverse, the sensors scan in two directions to identify if another vehicle could be moving in the path of your vehicle and will flash alerts so you bring the car to a stop in time.



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