Time to Replace Your Winter Wipers

When you drive in the spring, you quickly learn that the season brings its own set of problems. Two of the biggest problems go together: one is the torrential downpours and the other one is low visibility from all that pollen. When you get rain, pollen and other debris on your windshield, it can be more dangerous then normal due to decreased visibility. That is why we need wiper blades that are ready for the season.

You probably already have a set of winter wiper blades installed on your Mazda. Good! That helped you get through the season's ice and frost. As opposed to regular wipers, winter wipers are built to work in freezing temperatures without bending or cracking. Now it's time for wipers that are designed for spring rains.

At the end of the day, you want your vehicle to be working in the worst conditions. If you are not sure what type of blades to get, come to our auto parts shop in Reading, PA and we will help you.

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