Easily Maintain Your Tires

At Piazza Mazda of Reading, we know that tires are critical to your on-road happiness and safety. We thoroughly understand tires at our Mazda dealership. Our tips today can help you easily maintain your auto's tires.

Your vehicle's manual provides its ideal tire pressure. Check its tires with an air-pressure gauge. Add or reduce air as needed. Importantly, under-inflated tires handle badly. Over-inflated tires provide sub-optimal surface area between your car and the road. Both problems produce early tire replacement due to uneven wear, and they can cause accidents.

Tire treads enable grip, and the grooves cut into them disperse water. You can check your tires' grooves with a penny. Point Lincoln's head into a tire's groove until the penny contacts the groove's bottom. If you can see Lincoln's whole head, replace your tires. Alternatively, you can use a tire's wear bars. Found within the grooves, these bars indicate the end of a tire's life cycle once they become even with the tire's tread.



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