Reducing Annoying Glare Inside Your Vehicle

At some point in time, vehicle owners find themselves driving toward the sunrise or during a sunset. The blinding light and glare produced during the time of day pose a risk secondary to reduced visibility. Drivers should slow the vehicle and exercise extreme caution until visibility improves. However, a few tips make the experience less stressful.

Consider investing in a pair of polarized sunglasses, otherwise, pull down the sun visor to fight the blaring glare. Make sure there is more space between you and front vehicles, which makes them more visible. The space also increases the likelihood that you will be able to stop in time if necessary.

Make sure the windshield is clean inside and out. Prevent streaks that reflect glare. Any pits or cracks in the windshield need to be corrected. These areas also enhance glaring. Consider taking one of our new vehicles boasting tinted windows for a test drive.



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