These Custom Design Features on the Mazda3 5-door Are Worth Looking Into

If you are looking for a vehicle that does more than simply get you from Point A to Point B, then the Mazda3 is what you want to look at. This is a popular 5-door hatchback that has a number of added features you will find to be quite useful.

With the smart brake support system, parking becomes much easier. You will be alerted if there is an object that is too close to you, and the brakes will be applied if you get too close. This is a safe way to park and avoid possible collisions at the same time.

With the high beam control feature, you now have more control over the front headlights. You will find that you can see much better in dark conditions, but the system will automatically switch to low beams when oncoming traffic is approaching. You are welcome to test drive the Mazda3 5-door simply by paying Piazza Mazda of Reading a visit.


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