Roadside emergencies can happen whether you’re driving across the country or taking a short drive to the mall, and the best way to get through the inconvenience is by having a roadside emergency kit. Do you have supplies in your vehicle to help you get through the event? Do you know what kind of supplies you need? Allow the professionals at Piazza Mazda of Reading to help prepare you in the event that you may need an emergency roadside kit.

Here are some supplies you might need in a roadside emergency kit.

• Blanket
• Water
• Hand food
• Jumper cables
• Eating utensils
• Flashlight
• Batteries
• Chargers for phone
• Extra windshield washer fluid
• Tire changing supplies
• Tool kit
?• First aid kit

We’re here to help you with not just a roadside emergency kit but also any other automotive service you might need. Come to our dealership in Reading and allow us to provide you with any automotive services you might need.


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